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How to Reuse or Install a Screen Protector

Two brand new screen protectors for the iphone 4s and the iphone 4

Screen Protectors are notorious for being difficult to install. Well I am here to fix that. With just a little knowledge you can install a screen protector like a pro and never have to buy another one again.

Everyone has experienced the misery that is installing a screen protector. They are hard to align, hard to install without lint or dirt underneath, and just plain hard in general.

The biggest mistake people make when installing a screen protector is not taking their time. A screen protector, if installed correctly, is going to be on your phone for the life of the device. We’ve all seen those people who have so many bubbles under their phone that installing the screen protector actually made their smartphone more of an eyesore than it was before.

You are different. You want your screen protector to look good because your smartphone is an extension of who you are. You don’t want people to think you are sloppy and lazy. That’s why your doing your homework and ensuring that when you install your screen protector that you do it properly.

You need to be prepared when you install a screen protector. There are a few things that are essential if you are to be successful. You need a microfiber cleaning cloth, some scotch tape, and a clean area free of lint and dust. The first two are easy to come by, but the third is a little more difficult. If you are having trouble with dust, the best place to install your screen protector is the bathroom. I know it sounds silly but hear me out.

By running your shower on hot until the room is full of steam, it will cause the moisture in the air to bind to the dust particles leaving you with the perfect dust free environment to install a screen protector.

The first step is to ensure that the device you are trying to install the screen protector on is as clean as it can possibly be. Use the microfiber cloth because you don’t want to scratch your phone while in the process of trying to protect it.

The second step is to remove the film on the screen protector and set it on the phone. You are going to try and align it perfectly, but this really doesn’t matter at this step.

After you have completely removed the protective film and set the screen protector on your device, adhere a piece of scotch tape to the top and bottom of the screen protector. This will allow you to reposition the screen protector, while also giving you a greater amount of control when trying to get perfect placement.

Once you have your screen protector aligned perfectly, you will want to inspect it for lint or dirt. You will be able to tell if it is truly lint because no matter how much you rub, the bubble will just not go away. If you don’t have any bubbles, congratulations, you are done. If you do, there are ways to fix it.

You will want to use a piece of tape to slowly lift up the edge of your screen protector. Do not use your fingernail. If you use your fingernail, you will inevitably get oil from your skin on the screen and then you might as well throw the screen protector away because you won’t be able to clean it after that. Once you have the screen protector lifted up enough to access the location that had the lint bubble, you take a second piece of tape that has been folded into a loop and lightly touch the screen and the screen protector. This will remove the lint without getting oil on your screen protector. Normally the lint will be stuck to the screen protector but occasionally it will be on the phone screen itself.

After you have removed the lint from under the screen protector, just lower it back onto your screen and smooth out any bubbles. Sometimes this process will cause additional lint to get under your screen protector but don’t worry. Just keep repeating the process until your installation is perfect.

I have included some instructional videos in this article to show you that it is indeed possible to do what I have instructed. In fact, the videos detail how you can reuse or swap and screen protector. With this method, you will be able to extend the life of your screen protector almost infinitely.






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